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(I Can Fly)

In collaboration with the incredible French jazz singer Ô de mon Chéri, Natheless presents a unique and first-ever dance interpretation of "Sunshine (I Can Fly)" by the Grammy-nominated songwriter Raul Midón. 

Emotional dance music

Natheless, is an ambitious Italo-Mexican artistic project that seeks to bring back critical thinking and emotions in dance productions through powerful lyrics developed around social worldwide matters.

In 2021, Natheless released their first single, “These days” to reflect upon the huge range of feelings that hides behind all myths, misconceptions, and politics of the pandemic world we are living in.

With unique house-funk chill vibes and the astonishing voice of Sam Welch, "Wires" will make you shake and dance while reflecting, at the same time, upon the huge role and impact of technology and social media in your life. This is why, "Sometimes, you feel the need to hide away."

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